Pandan Clutch Purse - Blue
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Hand-made in Sri Lanka, this Pandan Clutch purse is perfect to be used as a purse or just a clutch. It has 5 separate compartments, one even has a zipper. The main compartment is perfect for an average sized smart phone, a pair of glasses, a set of small keys and maybe even some small makeup items, such as lipstick or chapstick. The other compartments are great for keeping your money, credit cards, change, and other papers separate for easy find. The handwoven pandan or screw pine mat is strong and durable. It is covered with cloth, and we offer the purse in three colors, red, blue, and black. The wrap-over cover closes with two magnetic clasp for easy open and close.

Length: 8"
Height: 4.5"
Depth: 2"

More about Pandan or Screw Pine:

As the name may suggest, Screw Pine is not a Pine tree after all. It is a tropical stubby plant that likes to grow close to the seacoast, and has long leaves covered with sharp thorns. The process of converting Screw Pine leaves to beautiful and colorful reed that are then used to weave into utility pieces can be a lot of hard work and time consuming. Strong Monsoon rains can easily destroy the plants by washing them away. Once the leaves are cut from the plant, the thorns must be removed carefully, as they can be very painful. Then they are split in half and boiled. After which they are soaked in fresh water overnight, before they are dried. The natural reed now has an ivory color, which can be dyed in vibrant colors, before starting the weaving process. These are some of the other beautiful screw-pine pieces we carry.

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Pandan Clutch Purse - Blue

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