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Coconut tree is a versatile plant and every part of the tree is used. The fruit of the tree is the most giving part of all. Not only the fruit has a sweet refreshing water and a milky soft meat inside, which grows as the water reduces, but the fruit still gives after it has provided food and drink. The covering of the fruit, once tried becomes husk and can be used for many things such as making rope as it is a very strong fibre. This fibre also known as coir is also used to make door mats, carpets, bag etc. Finally the shell that is left, instead of being thrown, even though it is biodegradable, is used for many things. Its natural cup shape allows it to be made into storage containers and cups. Its natural curved surface allows for fun products. Our coconut shell jewelry is only one of the many joys that the Coconut tree has in store for you.