Meenakari Bangles with Zircon- Multicolred
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Hand-made in India these Meenakari (Enameled) Bangles follow the historic tradition of decorative metalwork introduced by the Mughal Royals to decorate their gold jewelry and other precious objects. Our bangle base is brass, the commonly used metal in place of the traditional gold. The metal surface is engraved with traditional designs, then filled with enamel, and studded with zircon. Then the bangle is placed in a furnace to fuse and harden the bright colored enamel and the precious stone to the metal surface.

This pair is enameled with garnet, blue, and green and decorated with golden lines alternated with a leaf pattern studded with zircon.

Inside Diameter: 2.5"

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Meenakari Bangles with Zircon- Multicolred

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