Jute Tote bag w/Cell Phone pocket: Natural and Orange
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Handmade in India this jute bag is strong and sturdy for a trip to the beach, shopping trip, or to carry any knick-knacks. It has a base that allows you to stand up things like bottles, cans, or boxes. The pocket in the front allows you to put in a book or small tablet. The tote bag also comes with the extra pouch just big enough to hold the newer phones. The main bag has a zipper  to keep all your belongings safe and from falling out. Both the pockets in front have a velcro closing that allows for safety yet easy opening. The cell phone pouch is attached to the main bag with a tassel, and can easily fit in the front pocket. The dual straps are really strong as they run along the whole length of the bag from the front base to the back base. It fits easily over your shoulder or if you want you can hang it over your arm or hold it in your hand. The pocket and the straps are done in an accent color to dress up the jute.

Measurements:Length 14"
Top Width: 20"
Base Width: 8. 1/2"
Base Depth: 3.1/2-4"

Length of strap over the shoulder: 22"

Front Pocket: Length 9.1/2" x Width: 6"

Cell Phone pouch: Length: 6.1/2" x Width 3. 3/4

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Jute Tote bag w/Cell Phone pocket: Natural and Orange

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