Ganesh-4 Choices
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These Ganesh statues are made with terracotta and represents a long tradition of idol making from Bengal, an eastern state of India.

The Hindu tradition is an ancient one and has evolved over ages. The gods and goddesses of the Hindus also represent this change. Early Indians believed in natural powers of nature and Mother Earth was important for the agrarian societies. Over the ages there was a shift and gods in the skies took over the pantheon and the mother goddesses became consorts and wives of the male gods, yet retained many of their powers.

Despite his pot-bellied lovable depiction, he is considered a wise god. He has the privilege of being prayed to first, before other gods. He is considered the one to remove obstacles. He is also the scribe of the Indian epic tale of Mahabharata, by Ved Vyasa.

Choose from 4 different finishes.


Height - 3.75 inches
Width - 1.75

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Ganesh-4 Choices

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