Coaster Set
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A coaster set of 4, made with Fishtail or as known traditionally, Kithul Palm wood. Kithul Palm is a native palm to the southasian tropics and the wood has a beautiful wood grain, which requires no work to make it beautiful. The coasters have been made with thin wood strips, which are joined together with a backing. They are extremely lightweight, yet protect your furniture from water marks.

The Kithul Palm is also known for the syrup that is extracted from the flower and used to make a dark sweet syrup called paini, a tropical maple syrup. This syrup is used to make jaggery, which in turn is used to make many wonderful desserts. The syrup can also be enjoyed with yogurt and pancakes. 

Dimension of the coasters: 3.75"x3.75" inches

NOTE: This is a handmade item and therefore each coaster may not be exactly the size listed here.

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Coaster Set

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