Cinnamon Flavored Black Tea
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Pure Ceylon Black Tea with Ceylon Cinnamon pieces to give it a deeper and richer flavor. The box has 20 pyramid tea bags.

The lion logo gurantees that this is tea made in Sri Lanka and has passed a rigorous inspection from the Tea Board of Sri Lanka.

The ozone friendly logo guarantees that the process used to make tea does not use any harmful chemicals that harm the ozone.

Tea as a drink was discovered by the Chinese in ancient times and since then it spread to various parts of Asia and Africa, and today it is the second most popular drink, only after water. The tea plant was introduced to Sri Lanka in the early 19th century and today Ceylon (old name for Sri Lanka) is one of the largest producer and exporter of tea. Tea is grown on the temperate hills in the interior of the country, and three different range of elevations. 

You can find more information about Sri Lankan Tea here:

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Cinnamon Flavored Black Tea

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